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Congratulation EB5AG…
You have successfully obtained Premium Member Certificate Gold Class YB6_DXcom#318…
For certificate, please login to your profile on the YB6_DXC web member at: https://member.yb6-dxc.net/
And on the member’s web you can claim the YB6_DXC award according to the rules of each Award available at YB6_DXCommunity.
Please learn how to use the YB6_DXC member web application at https://member.yb6-dxc.net/ on the Help Desk menu, and if there are problems related to member accounts or using the member web application, please use the form on the HELP DESK page on the web members https://member.yb6-dxc.net

Thank you & healthy greetings with family

President YB6_DX Community
YB6HAI – yb6_dxcom #001