PadangDX Contest 2021

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SSB Mode will start on Saturday 18th Dec 2021, period time 12:00 UTC – 11:59 UTC (24 Hours), on 3rd weekend (Saturday) of December each year.


SSB, All Band (80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, 10M)

Single band will be counted as All band


– DX Station ( Any Power ) SOAB

– YB Land Station: SOAB & MOAB

– Single Operator High Power (more Than 100 W)

– Single Operator Low Power (Less Than 100 W)


STATION, RST + Serial Number (YC5EGN, 59 001)


– QSO with same Country: 2 points

– QSO with Same Continent: 4 points

– QSO with Other continent: 6 points

– QSO with 7B5C : 20 points


– First QSO with each different country on each band as 1 Multiplier

– First QSO All YB Prefix  another band = 1 Multiplier





The final score is the result of the Total QSO points x multiplied by Total multiplier.


– Please Download New UDC File on

– Logsheet used  Cabrillo format and  please  send your Cabrillo file

– log received no later than 7 days after the contest, Time: 12:00 UTC.

– Be sure to put the station call sign and the category in the “Subject:” line of your letter with applied Cabrillo file. In the header part of the electronic log submission you must specify a category of entrance.

– Reception of every e-mail LOG will be confirmed. If there is a problem with your LOG you will be notified by the Contest Committee


1. Single Operator :

– Top Score Oceania (OC) (outside YBland)

– Top Score Asia (AS)

– Top Score Extra Class (YB/YE) High Power

– Top Score Extra Class (YB/YE) Low Power

– Top Score Advanced Class (YC/YF) High Power

– Top Score Advanced Class (YC/YF) Low Power

– Top Score General Class (YD/YG)

 2. Multi Operator :

– Top Score YB Station Multi Operator


Certificates are awarded to each participant who sends Log

Awards in electronic form for all other participants

General Rules

Self Spotting is not allowed.

Only one broadcast signal is allowed when working in one band.

YB / YE ( Extra Class ) QRV in each band (5 Bands).

YC / YF (Advanced Class) QRV in each band (5 bands), except at 20 m only allowed -> 14,110 Mhz – 150 Mhz.

YD / YG (General Class) only QRV at 80, 40 and 10 meters with Power: 100 Watt And still counts as: Single Operator All Band Low Power.

Indonesian Multi Operator participants are not allowed to use Prefix YH0 – YH9.

Indonesian Multi Operator participants are only allowed to use prefixes 7A–7i, 8A–8i. (This provision refers to the Minister of Communication and Informatics Regulation No. 17 of 2018 Article 84 paragraph 1).

The PADANG DX Contest Committee may disqualify contest participants who violate the rules.

The decision of the PADANG DX Contest committee is final and cannot be contested.