Indonesia YL Award IIHG.NET

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a. The Indonesia YL Award is issued to Radio Amateurs/SWL worldwide that can prove to have made 2-way radio contacts / heard in Amateur HF bands with stations of Radio Amateurs situated on the Indonesian territory.

b. All QSOs must be done on or after July 9, 1968.

c. Applicants must have made the QSOs /HRDs from same DXCC Entity.

d. Domestic and foreign operators operating portable such as YD1NAA/5 or YB7/JP3AYQ are also valid.

e. DX Station : Contact 5 YL stations working from Indonesia.

f. Indonesia (YB) station : Contact 5 YL stations working from Indonesia in different 5 call areas.

g. Special Event Station of Indonesia’s Mother Day and Kartini Day are also recognized as YL stations, and can be used for joker of missed call area.

h. Same operator active from different places will be count as different stations. Example: YD1NAA, YD1NAA/5 and YD1NAA/p are different stations

i. Different design of Indonesia YL Awards will be issued to Radio Amateurs/SWL who able to contact/heard 10, 15, and 20 YL stations working from Indonesia.

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